Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Want A New Republican Party!!

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.~~Dalai Lama

I want a new Republican Party!!! Even though I have distanced myself from them this past year I truly want to see a party that has stepped into the 21st century and understands what is at stake.

The first thing Republicans have to do is kick the crazies out of the party. I am not speaking of people that want spending cuts and fiscal restraint. I am speaking of people that shill for the 'religious right' and their archaic ideas.

The parties stance on LBGT Rights is ridiculous. This minor issue, and yes it is minor except to that small segment of our society the it effects, makes conservatives look Elizabethan in their demeanor. We are the 'party of Lincoln', who went to war to free the slaves from plantations only to become a 'party of old men' who, through their way of thinking, are trying to put the LGBT back on those same plantations.

Did slavery not teach us that impugning any ones civil rights is wrong? Are we blind to our own history?

The parties stance on abortion rights is also archaic. The belief that any person far removed from someones personal situation can legislate what their behavior might be is infantile. The idea that someone in a comfortable office in Washington, DC can legislate how a human being can use their own body is arcane madness.

And to think that any man can legislate the workings of a women's body without the experience of being a woman is beyond gall it self.

Finally, the parties stance, or lack of a significant stance, on immigration reform is unbelievable for a group of people that all stem from immigration. I descend from a long line of Italians who immigrated here in the 19th century. The reasons my family came here are no different than the reasons Hispanics come here now.

Yes, I agree, illegal immigration brings many problems like drugs and other illegal activities. But in time all these things are worked out as immigrants are woven into the fabric of America. Every nationality that has immigrated here has had problems. The nationality based gangs of the past are testament to that fact. But with time and integration these things work out.

I hear people say that Hispanics do not want to be integrated into the American way of life. I am sure there is resistance. Just like every other nationality we all want to hold onto our heritage. That was no more evident than with my ancestors who refused to speak English inside the house. Italian remained their first language for many years. It is the children of the second and third generations after immigration that shed the old ways and integrate into American society. I do see this happening even now with Hispanics.

These three issues, LGBT Rights~Abortion~Immigration, combined with a candidate weakened by his own party primaries and led along the same old boy path lost the election.

I know that conservative hate to hear the word 'progressive' but they better understand where the American people stand on issues that matter to them. No one can affect any change unless they can get elected. I have a fear that getting elected is problematic for conservatives given their present train of thought.

Maybe conservative should take the above Dalai Lama quote under advisement!!


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