Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sexiest Man Alive??

The Onion News Agency had named Kim Jong Un, the sexiest man alive. Now we all know that The Onion's choice is tongue in cheek as they make up news to tickle our funny bones.

Enter news agencies in mainland China and the funny story that The Onion has spun is now a real story. Chinese news is full of the stories about Asia's representative to the sexiest man contest.

Look at this guy. Can there be any doubt of his qualifications? Clothes straight out of Communisms version of GQ. A haircut that would make Moe of the Three Stooges jealous. Jowls of a well fed dictator. Notice how skinny the rest of the North Korean population looks compared to this sexy guy?

Look at Kim's gorgeous wife. Is she not the fashion plate of eastern society. I think that there are North Korean citizens dying, literally dying, to emulate her style.

I understand that Kim loves amusement parks but unfortunately, for the millions of American women drooling over the prospect of him visiting one of the USA's many parks, he will never visit as he does not meet the height requirements for many of the best rides. He would look cute in Disney's Tea Cups. Oh to dream!!

Only one question remains to be answered?

What the hell are those North Korean military officers hiding under those hats? HMMM? Maybe more sexy Moe haircuts.


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