Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Dead And Insane Will Govern

The two party system used in the United States can produce some interesting results when we are allowed to press or mark our ballots for the 'straight party ticket'. It makes voting a no think operation that allows the 'dead' and 'leagally insane' to get elected.

In Florida, Alabama and Texas dead people were voted into office. In all these cases the person running for office had passed away prior to the election and apparently to late to change the ballot. So unless these people become zombies so they can take office; run off elections will have to be held to fill those positions. In a time when money is tight spending more money on a do over is maddening.

But even worse, in my mind anyway, in Illinois a person who has been declared legally insane was voted into a judgeship. You heard me right kiddies; a legally insane person will now be sitting in the courtrooms of Illinois.

I see room for some election reform here!!

While we are on the subject of election reform lets look at our process. It has been over a decade since we have had a president with a clear mandate to rule. By a clear mandate I mean a president who has been elected by a large majority of those voting. This past election the margin between President Obama and Mitt Romney was around 3 million votes. While 3 million votes seems to be a large number when looked at as a percentage of the 110 plus million votes cast it is not overwhelming at all.

Maybe we need to consider a system similar to many other countries in the world where coalition governments are formed to give the winning party a clear mandate. Of course this would mean abandoning a two party system in favor of a multi party one.

Food for thought!!


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