Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Christmas Music!! On November 1~~WTF!!

I was headed out to do some shopping on November first and while riding in my car I turned on my radio and out came Christmas music. The station proudly announced that as of November 1 they would be playing Christmas music until the day after Christmas, 24 hours a day. AMAZING!!

What ever happened to the Holiday Seasons? In September Halloween stuff was put out followed by Thanksgiving stuff the day after Halloween. The week of Thanksgiving Christmas stuff was put out.

Now Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas stuff find there way to store shelves in August. The way things are now from Labor Day through News Years day should be called The Holiday Season. A four month holiday with little significance beyond taking a day off in September to barbecue and drink beer, running around begging candy one day in October, over eating and watching football on a Thursday in November, giving each other gifts in Gods name(who we no longer recognize as being His day) and getting full blown drunk, running around shooting guns, banging pots and pans together and celebrating the start of a new cycle of holidays that hold little meaning to us anymore. Damn that was a run on sentence, lol.

I miss the days when we would concentrate on one holiday at a time. I miss the times when we saved all year to buy a Christmas gift that was purchased in December. Those days when Thanksgiving meant attending a football game followed by dinner with our entire extended families.

I miss taking my children Trick or Treating and being able to allow them to eat homemade treats made by neighbors I knew and trusted.

I miss heading to the Jersey Shore for Labor Day. Sitting on the beach and enjoying shore food. Later after the children came barbecues and games were the thing to do.

Now one holiday crashes into the next like waves against the shore. We are bombarded by advertisements touting that latest 'IN' Christmas gift. Families celebrate holidays hundreds of miles apart.


Yeppers kiddies I am a tad old fashion. Nostalgia over takes me at times and I crave for the holidays of my youth.

Unfortunately all that is gone. People of my generation hold onto our memories for as long as we can but, I must admit, even memories start to fade.

I crave a Christmas Day with my grandparents in control of the festivities, 30 or 40 people gathered for a dinner that starts at 1pm and is still going on at 8pm and all my cousins gathered in one place playing games and sharing our Christmas booty.

I would not even mind sitting at the Children's Table for dinner!!!!


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