Friday, November 2, 2012

Jeez Edith The Gays Are At It Again!!

Jeez Edith The Gays Are At It Again!! A statement that could have come straight from Archie Bunkers mouth to the ears of his befuddled wife Edith.

Supposed intelligent people, the jury is still out on their intelligence level, have accused gay men and women of causing hurricanes and other natural disasters. Such religious denizens as the Westboro Baptist Church, Michael Marcavage(of Repent America fame or infamy) and Pat Robertson have made an attempt to develop a correlation between sexual orientation and natural disasters.

So far the only correlation I have found is this graphic showing the movement of Hurricane Sandy in what might be described as Gay Pride colors. Hardly proof and definitely not based in anyone reality.

James Walworth, in his article 'Do Gays Cause Hurricanes', postulates that if gay man and women cause natural disasters, like tornado's, we would expect to find more homosexuals in states that have more tornado's. In reality this theory, which Pat Robertson subscribes to, does not hold water.

But statistics do show, according to James Walworth's research,  a correlation between the number of Christians in a given state and the number of tornado's that state experiences. HMMM!!! Maybe it is not sexual orientation that should have our attention but rather Christianity.

Based on this information I believe that a ban should be placed on all marriages between two consenting Christians in the hopes of reversing this disturbing tornado trend.

I would also call for a constitutional amendments that would severely curtail the civil liberties of Christians. They must be gathered up and retrained. Christians are not born they make a conscious decision to become a Christian and that decision is putting us all at risk for sever weather.

Further proof, at least to me, that gay men and women had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy should be glaring to everyone.

First, no on in the gay community would have anything to do with shuttering Broadway. The loss of the Broadway musical would be devastating to their lifestyle.

Secondly, no self respecting gay male would be seen in the clothing worn by men after a natural disaster. I can not even begin to imagine Sir Elton John or Neil Patrick Harris standing outside their homes wearing worn out tee shirts and cut off jeans shorts telling some news reporter that "it sounded like a freight train roaring down on my trailer".

God does not cause natural disasters because he is mad at someone for their sexual orientation or their religious beliefs. Natural disasters, whether caused by climate change or a natural progression of seasonal weather changes or a frog farting in a Brazilian rain forest, are not caused by any one group of people because of how they approach or do not approach God.

There is a science to our weather. Natural occurrences of certain conditions that create particular weather outcomes.

They are not caused by a few gay men getting together in South Beach for a Sunday morning brunch or Oklahoma's only two gay men accidentally meeting at a high school production of Annie Get Your Gun.

Common sense kiddies!! Common Sense!!


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