Monday, July 23, 2012

Solar Panels, Home Mortgages And Big Boobs

In our everyday mundane lives what does solar panels, home mortgages and big boobs have in common?  To the eye of the normal human being nothing really. So why are so many big breasted women featured in advertisements for home mortgages and solar panels on Face Book?

I realize that this is just a marketing tool but do advertising agencies and their clients truly believe that we, the consuming public, are so shallow that a well placed boob, with amazing nipples, propped upon a woman that no normal man, who is not endowed with a herculean penis, will ever get the opportunity to enjoy first hand. Whew!! That was a mouth full, lol. Apparently they do believe just that about is.

Now I am not one to complain about a site like that pictured above but gees it would take so much more for me to invest in solar panels or change a home mortgage. Now if she was to come to my house and install the panels naked then maybe, maybe I would consider the purchase, lol.

The point here is that these people believe that sex sells but I do not agree with that all the time. Yes sex can sell more bikinis or more tight fitting jeans. Sex can sell most clothes. And sex can sell more condoms.

But sex will not sell a home mortgage as the actual person that will handle your mortgage, a middle aged over weight man usually, is someone you definitely do not want handling any other part of your body.

There is no chance that sex can sell hemorrhoid cream or a wart remover. Nor will it sell household cleaning supplies because no matter how much they try to use sex with these products there is nothing sexy about cleaning the house. With the possible exception of the shower if the woman was to climb in with you and clean. Hmmm!

One thing I did find, that a sexually charged advertisement swayed me, was one advertisement for Popsicles. Picture a beautiful woman, perched on a beach chair, licking, sucking and devouring a Popsicle while the ice cold Popsicle jucies drip on her well endowed chest. Her fingers wiping the fallen droplets from her breasts and then rubbing the across her lips.

Oh Yeah!! Bring on the Popsicles!!!!!


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