Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Admit It~~I Can Be A Grouch

The other night I turned into a grouch for the stupidest reason. It seems that happens to me every now and then and usually I take it out on the people that are closest to me. I have given a lot of thought to this recently as the reasons for my 'grouchiness' escape me.

When I turned green and slid into my garbage can the other night there was nothing that preceded it that I would consider an igniter of my bad temper. Maybe things build up below the surface and erupt on their own.

The act of 'grouchery' is not a new one. There was actually an ancient Greek play whose name, Dyskolos by Menander, was translated to mean 'The Grouch".  Another name for this play is "The Bad-tempered Man or Old Cantankerous". This play describing my behavior was written approximately 316BC.

I have also read several articles about 'How To Be A Grouch' so I could decide if I had a terminal case of  'grouchitis' or if my recent relapse was temporary. According to these articles being a grouch takes talent. Spend a day with a frown on your face and an unpleasant demeanor and you realize that being a grouch is tougher then you previously thought. Practice can compensate for the absence of natural grouch talent.

I think that my case is temporary at the worst. Hopefully it is not contagious, lol.

The remedy that I prescribe is a good solid slap across the face tempered by a healthy dose of love. That is exactly how I was handled the other night and I seem cured.

For those of you that feel a need for full time grouchery I suggest you hold your worst outbreaks until National Grouch Day which occurs every year on October 15th.


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