Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Hunger Games, USA, USSR And Anticlimax

I just finished the trilogy, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay, and found them to be a very enjoyable read. This trilogy was originally advertised as a 'young adult' series but there are lessons and comparisons to be learned within its pages.

The books depict a classical struggle between good and evil with a twist. One is not always sure which side is the good or the evil. It actually mimics life very well especially considering the world we now live. A classic power struggle with people used as pawns and layer upon layer of deceit employed by those holding power.

The struggle for freedom, as depicted here, can draw comparison to The USA's struggle with England in the 18th century and the satellite states struggle with Russia in the 20th Century. Both fights for human rights, self determination  and basic freedoms. Even to the point of their being 13 districts in Panem and 13 American Colonies. and the references to Panem existing geographically where the USA once held sway.

The other striking comparison, without giving away the ending, is the anticlimactic way the characters are treated. This bothered me at first until I came to the conclusion that the players in all wars, real and imaginary and given their survival, do live anticlimactically for the rest of their lives.

Returning from war, and we can see that now in the faces of those returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, life is anticlimactic. You live out your lives, albeit ones filled with nightmares, in relative safety after seeing the cruelty of war. After living each day with deaths door within easy reach you find yourself spending time with your family, working, going to church and living a relative prisoner of normalcy. With your life's adventures, ones you would never have picked for yourself, behind you.

My opinion so take it for what it's worth.

I read this trilogy over a three week period. All three books are an easy read that holds your interest and gets you involved with the characters. I would recommend them to be read before seeing the movies.


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