Monday, June 4, 2012

Vitriol Preached Form Some Pulpits

His name is Charles L. Worley and he calls himself a minister and one who speaks the word of God. I am ashamed to say that he is from my home state of North Carolina. I have heard homophobic hate speech crapped out of peoples mouths before but this supposed 'man of God' leads the way in hate speech rhetoric.

Worley's plan is to take all the gay men and place them behind an electrified fence and then place all the lesbians behind a different electrified fence segregating them from the rest of society. Feeding them and letting them die out.

Worley's plan is obviously not original but the ignorance of this man to history, and frankly to the proper use of the English language, in his mind makes him an original thinker. Sorry 'Pastor Death' but Hitler already beat you to the idea of concentration camps.

Murdering gays and lesbians will not work as any thinking, scientifically attuned mind will tell you that homosexuality is not a lifestyle. You are born and you either are or you are not straight or gay.

It seems that Pastor Death wants the United States Congress and Senate to vote in his plan and put it into effect. We all know that will never happen but lets carry this low life uneducated louts plan fruition.

Picture vans equipped with sound systems driving down every street in the USA blaring show tunes. Because we all know gay men can not resist a good show tune, lol. Following these vans are capture trucks filled with the 'Gay Police' to arrest gay men as they frolic out of their homes to chase the music van just as we did when the Good Humor Ice Cream truck came through our neighborhoods.

But show tunes will not work on lesbians. Lesbians would need special treatment. Gay Police Woman posing as lesbians could visit lesbian establishments gaining their trust. Then when the undercover police get a second date they could arrive to pick up the woman in a pickup truck with a U-Haul trailer in tow. Because we all know that lesbians always bring a U-Haul trailer to a second date. Instead of clothes and furniture in the trailer there will be police waiting to make the arrest.

Then they are all carted off to the concentration camps and left to die. We could speed up their demise by dropping only fast food, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to them. All we have to do is sit back and wait. RIGHT!!

WRONG!! What will you do Pastor Death when more and more gay and lesbians pop up in your own back yard. This will happen you ignorant bastard and it will have to shake your beliefs to there core.

Will you realize that being gay is not a lifestyle choice?

Will you realize that gay men and women were not favorably written into the Bible because it was written by ignorant prejudiced bastards like yourself?

Will you realize that the garbage you are preaching in Gods name put you on an even level with Hitler?

My guess is that you will not realize or admit any of  the above until you stand before God and He looks down at you and says. "What Were You Thinking?"

Those will be the last words you hear before you are greeted in HELL as a permanent resident.


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