Saturday, February 11, 2012

Constitutional~~A Concept That Is Lost On Obama!!

Most of this past week has been spent arguing about whether Obamacare should force religious based organizations, who are against contraception, to provide contraception as part of their health care plans. There was a ground swell of opposition and the President changed his mind and modified his stance.

But what really went on here???

First of all the Presidential powers, under the Constitution, does not extend to a forced mandate on anything. So Mr Obama  stepped outside of his constitutional powers when making the original order.

His compromise is no better. Now he is mandating that all insurance companies that provide coverage to religious based organizations provide contraception free to subscribers if it is not included in the health plan.

Basically the President now has unconstitutionally mandated that insurance companies carry the burden of contraception. It seems many people are satisfied with this development. They should be outraged!! But we are living in a time where all corporations are supposed to be evil so to many this is another way to screw corporations.

What is really going on here kiddies?? Is this really a fight over who should or should not pay for contraception?? In my mind contraception is the least of our concerns here.

What we have going on is the usurping of 'Constitutional Powers' by a President that wants to move this country away from a 'Representative Republic' to a pure 'Democracy'. One in which Mr Obama clearly sees himself as being the majority and can and will do as he pleases.

By saying it is alright for insurance companies to carry the burden of contraception or any particular procedure; we are playing into the hands of those who have little use for 'OUR CONSTITUTION'.

Any attack on The Constitution is an attack on our basic rights. Rights that should be guarded as sacred to all of us.

Keep your eyes open!! This will not be the last assault on our rights.  If he gets a second term he will bet the Constitution in a crap game like a drunken sailor.


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