Monday, February 13, 2012

What The Hell Is A Moderate And Why Does Everyone Court Them?

For a very long time I considered Moderates as people who could not decide what side of an issue they believed was the right side. I have learned two important things about my original premise; 1. moderates are more complicated than the whishy washy people I thought them to be and 2. I am a moderate. Who Knew?

Now that I believe myself to be a moderate I feel qualified to define them. A Moderate Political Being is one that looks at each individual issue and decides where they stand without influence from either the right or left  portions of the political spectrum. Of course that was a 'pure' definition and one that in reality does not exist.

Each Moderate, while looking at issues individually and not along party lines, does retain their core political values thereby pushing them either right or left of the political spectrum. That leaves us with two distinct groups within the moderate category.

Moderate Liberal - One who holds the core values of the liberal agenda but differs in thought on one or more issues.

Moderate Conservative (where I would place myself) - One who holds the core values of the conservative agenda but differs in thought on one or more issues.

In my case I differ from pure conservatives on the issues of abortion, birth control and gay rights. In matters of taxes, spending, the military and government intrusion into our lives  I am in lock step with my party.

In most circumstances each of these two groups would vote with their parties, especially on a national level, unless a candidate was so far left or right as to totally impinge upon their way of thinking. I have this problem with Mr. Santorum. His stance on gay rights and abortion I find abhorrent and voting for him would be a bitter pill for me to swallow.

On the other hand; voting for Mr. Romney would be difficult as I find him to easily swayed to keep Obamacare in tact and I have many problems with that program.

A difficult problem indeed.

Elections on a local level are less prone to the influence of the moderate class as local issues are more practical than they are political.

It is claimed that no person can win a Presidency without the Moderate Vote. I believe this to be true as there are many more moderate voters up for grabs than true conservatives or liberals.

I think the key here is to vote your conscience, or use a Ouija Board, flip a coin, cut the cards or vote for the person with the best looking wife. How ever you choose to make your picks please make sure you get out and vote.

Voting is more than a right~~It's a responsibility!!


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