Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Book Of Randy~~What Was Wrong With The Rest Of The World?

  According to the Bible; God sent his only son to Earth to prepare the people. A wonderful story but produces so many questions in my mind.

Why would God pick such a small portion of the Earths population to show his love?

What was wrong with the rest of the people?

The peoples of the Middle East were no more worthy than those in China of the Americas. It makes no sense to me that God would enlighten only those few people.

What we have to look at here is the Bible itself. While it is a unique 'historical' text; it is also a 'self serving' document for those who it anoints. If I was to write a book about Gods arrival into my small North Carolina community; the fact that he appeared here would slant my writings toward North Carolinian being 'the chosen of God'. Ludicrous of course but a reasonable assumption.

I do not believe that God would ignore the rest of the peoples of Earth in favor of a few in a specific location.

Going on the assumption, and my belief, that there is only 'one God' for all of us; He would never leave most of the people in the dark giving enlightenment to so few.

So are we to believe, because the Bible tells us, that God did exactly that?

I think not. God would have, and I believe did, send prophets/teachers to all the worlds peoples. How they interpreted the arrival of these prophets/teachers would and did vary because of the different civilizations they were sent.

I believe that it takes a lot of ego to assume that God has chosen you and only you to enlighten. Of course the Human Race is never short on ego.

I do not believe that God chose Christians to spread his word to the rest of the world. God does not need man to spread his word or make converts. God is quite capable of doing that on His own.

What we have here is a historical document, the Bible, giving all the power to the writers of that document. Hence what I believe is self serving.

Do not get me wrong; I do not dispute the Bibles historical claims. What I dispute is its writers intentions. I also believe this to be true for all 'religious' books that are the basis for any religion. The Koran and Torah included.

It is innate in man to say that the group they live with is superior to other groups. It is this innate characteristic that is the basis for different religious groups to spew hate at each other.

There is only One God for all people.

Love ya,

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