Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Book Of Randy~~Jesus Had A Very Good Public Relations Team!!

  There are some beliefs that tender more questions than answers. A discussion of 'The Son Of God', for me anyway, is one belief that certainly fits that category.

Continuing on with my thoughts of yesterday; if God is for all peoples than why was 'His Son' withheld from most of Earths population?

Jesus was a teacher and a prophet. As far as the 'Son Of God'; the jury is still out on that title.

Mohamed was a prophet so why was he not a 'Son Of God'?

Buddha was a teacher so why not the 'Son Of God'?

If God is for all people are we not all His/Hers 'Sons and Daughters'?

I do not deny Jesus his place among the 'great prophets/teachers' of religious history. His impact certainly has been profound. But yet again, as with all prophets, we have only the words of the people who passed down the histories. As man is a tainted being so is his memories. Over time historical memories become distorted and expanded into myths and legends.

I often see a comparison  of 'the case for Jesus and him being 'The Son Of God' to a politician'. Two people, running for the same office and holding views that as similar, are one/two in the polls. The difference between candidate one and two is how well their 'publicity campaign team' functions.

Did Jesus have a better public relations team in place?

I believe in a simple truth. At least it is simple for me. There is One God and He/She is the God of all peoples. If the God of all peoples were to send 'His Son' to 'His people' there would be no favoritism played as to which of his people were chosen to witness 'the Sons' coming.

God would have offered 'His Son' to all peoples in all corners of the planet.

It is more likely that God has sent us many 'teachers/prophets' to prepare us for a life with Him. It is more likely that Jesus was one of these  'teacher/prophet' and that men, as their egos will sometimes drive them, named him 'The Son Of God'.

The great teachers, prophets and philosophers are all sent from God to show us a path to Heaven. It has been man, and his ego and self serving nature, that crowns 'Sons Of God'. It is man, through memories long stretched into myths and legends, who have written the 'great religious books' that fill our lives.

Does anyone really believe that God, had He written,  a book that was intended to 'guide our lives' would write something for the few while leaving others out in the cold. This 'trait of exclusionism' is a trait of man; not one of God.

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