Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Book Of Randy~~Free Will!!

What does God do for us?

How much does He/She help us in our daily lives?

What should we expect from Him/Her?

Interesting questions and ones we should be thinking about every day. Only through understanding what God has given us can we formulate a path for our lives.

Lets take those questions collectively because they are really the same question. God gave us 'Life' and the 'Free Will' to control that life. That is it!!! Nothing more!! And yet that is all we need to be worthy of our creator.

We have been allowed, through the gift of Free Will, the ability to decide what our life's path will be. God has not set a path for us. Giving us free will tells me that 'I' am in charge of my life and 'I' am responsible for what path I take. What good I do and what evil I produce is up to me.

What would be the point of having free will if God told us what we were going to do with our lives. If God set our path then entry into heaven, into a life with God, would be a given and we would all be allowed entry. In reality we would already be in heaven if God was guiding our every move.

We all know that not all of us are going to be accepted into heaven. We all know that we are not at this time in heaven. And we all know, know matter what our religious leaders tell us, going to be forgiven our sins. Or at least we should know.

I believe one of the greatest frauds, perpetrated by present day churches, is the 'born again' theory'. If a person takes the life of another human; just arriving at a church and saying "I see the light of my sins. I believe in God. I ask forgiveness" gives us a 'get into heaven card' you are sorely wrong.

You set your path and you decided to commit your sins. God did not tell you to be a sinner. That decision is all yours and yours alone. The penance for your sins 'must' be paid. There is no 'free lunch' on your journey to a righteous life.

The 'Waring Religions' of the world, Christians, Jews and Muslims,  are not offering you a path to Gods good graces. God will never ask anyone to 'kill' in His/Her name. It is ridiculous to even postulate that thought. And yet, everyday. humans are slaughtered in the name of God.

All this energy being used up arguing whose God is the real God is such a waste of human potential. There is 'ONE' God and God is the same for all of us.

Those who claim to talk to God in our names are nothing more than enablers of the deceit and dishonesty that runs rampant through so many churches today.

Why do you need anyone to speak to God for you? You are a creation of God and in being so we have a direct link to our creator. It is such a simple process. Just talk and God listens. We do not need anyone to darn robes and sit in a multi million building to be a conduit to our creator. We are our own conduits.

What does God do for us? How much does He/She help us in our daily lives? What should we expect from He/Her?

God, through the virtue of our creation, has given us all that we need. We have been given the ability to think, decided right and wrong and set our own goals for our lives. What more do we need.

If you are sitting around waiting for God 'to provide' you will be waiting a very long time. God provided when we were given the abilities to 'provide for ourselves'. Nothing more is necessary.

Take the Free Will God has provided and set a Life's Path that enriches your life and the lives of those around you.

Use your gift or Free Will to do evil and Heaven is not even a possibility.

Love ya,

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