Monday, December 26, 2011

The Book Of Randy~~One Humans View Of Religion!!

I am sure that I will be upsetting a good number of people over the next few days as I reveal my theories and thoughts about God. Truthfully making you mad is not my intention but making you think is my goal. I believe that only through 'personal' thought and contemplation can one draw conclusions to lead them to a 'comfort zone' of religious belief.

I choose this particular time to write on this subject because one of the worlds major religions celebrated a major event in their belief structure. It is appropriate to approach this today as so many people have had thoughts toward their own beliefs. Those thoughts may have manifested themselves in joy or disdain of the event; according to what religious train of thought one follows.

As an unaffiliated, free thinking believer in God I have postulated my own theories as to the origin of man and the development of various religious paths. As I said previously; thought and contemplation are the path to understanding your own spirituality. One must look at every theory put forth to help form the 'spiritual nature' that is inherent within all of us.

There is a group that believes man was put upon this planet by a race of superior beings, gods if you will, who decided to run an experiment in species building. Apparently, if you believe this theory, they return to Earth, every so often, and review their 'science project'.

Of course there is no real evidence for this theory. Sure there are many unexplained structures on earth that are said to have been beyond the scope of human ability at the time they were completed. Some would say that this is proof of a 'superior being' intervening in human matters. I say that humans are capable of amazing feats and have proven that throughout the ages. Personally I am not eager to ascribe man's abilities and ingenuity to 'ancient astronauts'.

But for the sake of argument lets say this theory is 100% correct. Technically superior beings arrived on Earth and manipulated the gene pool of an inferior species. We know that this technology is possible as we are developing it ourselves.

These superior beings return to monitor our progress as any scientist would do. If our ancestors would have seen these beings coming to the conclusion that they were gods would be a natural assumption. From there the minds of man would develop a religious and spiritual basis for worship.

The key, for me anyway, is that this theory does not answer the questions that are utmost on my mind.

"What is the origin of God?"

"Who is God?"

The 'superior being theory' gives us a possibility but it does not answer my questions. These would not have been gods but rather beings created by God. So even in this theory only the 'origin of man' is postulated. Not the Origin of God.

Lets put this theory to bed. Man and all around him/her was created by God. It is to God we owe our existence.

Having said that; what we do with the life God has given us is a ball thrown into our court. How we live our lives is the byproduct of 'free will'. Which is tomorrows chapter in The Book Of Randy.

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