Sunday, October 30, 2011

There Is A 1% In The 99%~~~Watch Them Closely!!!

Before I start writing today I want to make it perfectly clear that what follows is my opinion and my opinion only. You will not find hard facts or statistics today. My opinion was developed through observation entirely.

I have noticed that the 'Occupy' groups seem to swell in numbers on weekends. A simple explanation can be made here. Weekends are when real people are not working, looking for work or dealing with everyday family problems. It is that magical time of the week when Americans seek and find leisure time.

I believe that there is a growing middle class surge toward the 'Occupy Movement' when 'middle class America' has the time to protest because no matter how down trodden one feels or how hopeless one sees their situation; life has to go on in as normal a manner as possible for the sake of our families.

There is nothing wrong, to me anyway, in anything I just said. 'Middle Class America' is fighting for its very existence. They will rise up but at the same time they will take care of their responsibilities as best as they can. So when Monday arrives middle class America is back doing what is necessary.

So who are these protesters left to man the front lines when middle class Americans are at their jobs if they are lucky to have them.

First a statement from the 'Occupy Movement' to see if we can narrow down the possibilities. This comes from the website

'We are the 99 percent. We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we're working at all. We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything. We are the 99 percent.'

I will not try and dispute any of that because I find it, again in my opinion, to be true enough. And I am sure that 99% of those people who are in the Occupy Movement are genuinely interested in positive changes that improve their condition and make America 'stronger'.

So what about that 1% left of the 99 percenters that are on those front lines 'everyday'.

Our society, and I am talking our 'Global Society', has bred a group of people that for a lack of a better term are 'professional protesters'. You have all seen them at places like the G-20 Summits.

They tend to be young, very well organized, idealistic and very well financed. They show up all over the world to 'professionally protest' what ever the main case of dispute might be; perceived or not.

I have always found it interesting as to how a young kid from the United States, who claims to be poor and mistreated by life, can show up in a European city for a weeks long protest. Very suspicious in my book. Or for that matter how European kids get here for protests.

Countries always have a segment of their citizenry that believes they are mistreated and in these hard times that number has grown immensely with good reason. But this last 1% of professional protesters have other agendas in mind.

Some of their support comes from people or organizations that can not or are not willing to facilitate change through the 'ballot box'. They are our societies 'closet' socialists, communists and facists' who at opportune times crawl out of the dark recesses of their 'closet homes' and try and take advantage of a given situation. Their concern is not strengthening democracy through protest but to weaken it and set their own course for the rest of us.

I believe we have such a situation going on right now.

To the 99% of the 99% I yell to you that you do need to rise up and kick some corporate and political butt.

Please do not let the 1% of your movement usurp your good and righteous cause with ideas that will not be helpful to our countries future. We are Americans and we have the right to protest the wrongs done us. just make sure you have a recognizable American when the protesting is complete.

Protesting, any wrong doing, should end with reasonable demands accepted and a 'Stronger United States' for us to enjoy.

Love ya,

PS.....If we hate corporate greed, and that hate should be spread to all corporations, then why do we give a pass to a couple of New England 'self styled hippies' who are a corporation. I have had my eye on you, Ben & Jerry, for a very long time.

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