Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Versus Wall Street?

In truth I have not paid much attention to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters. Not because I disagree with them. On the contrary I actually agree that 'corporate greed' exists and the 'tax structure' does not treat everyone fairly. No 'fairly' is not the correct word to use here. I think 'equally' is a better term.

I would have continued to ignore this situation being content to watch it play out on the streets and then analyzing the outcome. But something caught my eye today and I felt the urge to comment on that situation.

Before I start let me tell you where I stand on this what I have heard the protesters say. Point #1; I have already admitted that 'corporate greed' exists. What is the main goal of any corporation? The answer to that kiddies is very simple. The main goal of any corporation is to 'maximize profits for its shareholders'. Maximization of Profits is the 'greed' we see being protested on the streets today.

Do these people have a right to protest this 'preceived greed'? Of course they do!! After all we are Americans and protest is one of our basic rights.

My question is this; "where were the protests when the DOW was soaring toward fourteen thousand?"

Think about that!! Times were good. People were making money. 401K's were doubling every couple of years.

Now that times are bad we seem to need a scapegoat. Admittedly Wall Street set itself up for all of this by conducting business less than honestly. But I saw no one complaining about making money off Wall Streets dishonesty.

Point #2; Yes corporations should pay more in taxes and have loop holes closed. Yes multi millionaires need to be paying more in taxes and have loop holes closed.

But why do people, just because they are successful, have to carry the burden for all the rest of us. There are many people that pay no income taxes. YES!! They pay other kinds of taxes but so does everyone else. If we want a millionaires to pay their 'fair share' why are we not asking others to join in and pay a 'fair share'?

Questions to ponder indeed?

On to what made me decide to comment on all this today.

Anonymous, the organization that prides itself in cyber attacks, has threatened to attack the website of Fox News and shut it down. The reason?  Because they do not like the way Fox News portrays the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Lets examine this from my point of view because; 1. I am a conservative who is not always in agreement with Fox News and 2. My point of view is always right, lol.

We have an organization, Anonymous, that is willing to break the law to silence the 'free speech' of others because they believe that Fox News is trying to silence the 'free speech' of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

I have a real problem with this line of thought.


Honestly; I do not agree with Fox News and their assessment of Occupy Wall Street but they have a right to their opinion. As does anyone who wants to wade in on this issue.

I believe that there is an honesty and necessity to the Occupy Wall Street protests. Whether I agree or disagree with them is irrelevant. I also believe there is a necessity to a counterpoint to their argument.

What Anonymous is planning for November 5th is a massive intrusion into 'FREE SPEECH'. If  they will take on and successfully disrupt any news organization; disruption of my or your 'RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH' is an easy task for these criminals.

Love ya,

PS....If I do not blog tomorrow; you know they have taken me down, LOL!!

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