Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Start Every Day With A Laugh~~Because The Rest Of The Day Could Be Shit!!

The first thing I do every morning, before starting to write this blog, is to find funny news so I am at least trying to smile. There is an awful lot of funny news out there so finding something is easy. Maybe to easy, lol.

So lets start our day together with these two little McDonald's gaffes.

Yes sir!! Wonders where this McDonald's is located. A sausage up your butt for only $1. A bargain indeed!!!!

What is McDonald's fetish with our fannies all about, lol!! Gives an entire new mean to "Do you want fies with that?"

These signs, while being funny, shed some light on the state of the USA's education system. I will not start a rant about that today as I am smiling. It will be a lighter Wednesday!

Most of the things I find funny are done totally unintentionally. Take this for example.

This is supposed to be a serious story about the injuries to two great players. The headline tells us an entirely different story, lol. I have to wonder what the editors, of this paper, were doing the day they were supposed to approve this article. And why are these same editors not the ones who keep rejecting my book. PLEASE GOD GET ONE OF THESE SLEEPY EDITORS TO READ AND APPROVE MY BOOK!!!

I really want to talk about something serious here because this is, after all, a very serious blog. LOL!! Yeah Right!!

I think I am in to good of a mood to take on serious subjects like;

Should the Boy and Girl Scouts accept members from the opposite sex? HMM!! Such and easy problem to solve. Just combine the two organizations and rename them 'The Bisexual Scouts'.

Then each year they could sell 'cookies' in the spring and 'Ben and Jerry's 'Schweddy Balls' in the fall. Think of all the money to be made if the scouts start 'swinging both ways'.


Should I be taking on the two most talked about news stories on the Internet.

1. Is Jennifer Aniston engaged and pregnant?

Answer: No she is not engaged or preggers. She made that perfectly clear yesterday. So the speculation should only go on another 3 months or until the 'brain dead press' see no, and I am shaking while I write this phrase I hate so much, 'baby bump'.

2. Is the marriage of Demi Moore and  Ashton Kutcher in trouble?

Answer; Who the fuck cares and it's none of our business. I happen to like both of these people. I find Demi to be a talented and beautiful actress who has always held my attention. Ashton makes me laugh and anyone who can do that is at the top on my 'make randy happy list'.

So let them be to work out whatever they need to work out.

Try concentrating on, mmmm lest see, 17 year old Courtney Stodden and  her 51 year old husband Doug Hutchison who were thrown out of a 'pumpkin patch', this past weekend, for inappropriate behavior.

I have two things to say about this 'non story' that has been blown up tot he scale of the 'Invasion of Iraq'.

1. OMG! Courtney has a great set of pumpkins!!!

2. Doug!! Dude!! I am married to a younger woman in SL and am getting ready to go on a week long Honeymoon with her. PLEASE TELL ME!!


Love ya,

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