Thursday, October 20, 2011

Donuts!~~~A Police Department Staple!!

This morning, at around 4 am, I was watching the latest episode of 'Psyche' in which at one point the guys shot and killed 'BoBo The Donut'. The episode was funny, I had a good laugh and I was prompted to go out for donuts, lol. Since there is no BoBo's Donuts where I live I settled on Krispy Kreme and  happily took my bag of goodies home to team them up with coffee.

While I was enjoying my delicious treats I started to wonder how the donut and police became eternally linked in everything from movies, to advertising, to television and to countless jokes by the worlds comedians.

My first inquiry took me to which actually had a serious and completely understandable explanation.

According to in an articled titled 'Why Do Cops Like Donuts'; 'This is a question that has plagued mankind for years. The answer is quite simple.'

1. Donuts are relatively inexpensive, so they can be discarded with little guilt, in case of a hot call in the middle of a snack break.

2. In many areas, the donut shop is the only place open 24 hours.

3. Donuts have sugar and carbohydrates, which allow for quick energy. Donuts, coupled with the ever present cup of coffee, help keep the officers awake and alert.

4. Donut shops are usually located in centralized areas, which can be used as a meeting place for briefings between Officers of different agencies or shifts.

5. Donuts are TASTY! Can you think of anyone who DOESN'T like donuts?

I bet y'all thought that this story was going to end there. As someone very dear to me always says 'silly goose'. I gave you the facts now it is time for the fantasy.

'Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a cop pulls a man over for DUI and says, “I know you’ve been drinking, your eyes are glassy.” The man responds, “I know you’ve been eating donuts; your eyes are glazed.”~~Jill Wragg, retired police officer.

Over the years comedians have made a living telling jokes about 'cops and donuts'. Even my father use to say, "Son if you want to find a good donut shop just follow a cop".

Even cops joke about their five basic food groups: glazed, jelly, powdered, chocolate frosted, and “ghetto,” the donuts that are left over after a long meeting of the command staff.

The fantasy is believing that all cops love donuts. Simply not true. Some people say that donuts are an addiction for cops. Again not true. It is my understanding that donut sales to police officers decline sharply during 'Girl Scout Cookie Time'.

                    Rest easy, your donuts are safe eh!

A hearty 'THANK YOU' for the work y'all do for us. 'To Protect And Serve' is not just a catch phrase for you; 'it is a code of honor'.

Love ya,

PS......My Fathers birthday was this past Tuesday. He would have been 92 years old. Love and miss you Dad!

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