Friday, October 21, 2011

Herman Cain Has His 999 Plan~~Introducing my Flush, Flush, Flush Plan!!

I was reading all the 'political news' this morning and became very interested in all the candidates assorted plans to get the economy moving. Including President Obamination's Jobs  Bill that seems to be dead on arrival.

So after my morning requisite pot of coffee, a nice spaghetti breakfast(it's not just for dinner anymore, lol), a short walk to work off that breakfast and an hour of meditation and reflection about the good life I am leading now; I decided to offer my own plan to not only improve the worlds food supply but also to stimulate employment. Damn that was a mouthful.

Sit back kiddies!! This will be an interesting ride!!

Based on my knowledge of 'how prisoners of war survived'; I have devised a plan that will help the environment, stimulate the economy and provide a food source for all of us. Keep in mind that I am basing this on very little actual knowledge but, as we all know, 'political solutions' put forth by those running for office need little real knowledge. This is evidence by what I have seen both in the 'GOP Debates' and the plans of 'President Stumble Around'.

Prisoners Of War have consumed 'feces' to extract the nutrients that were not assimilated on 'foods first pass' through the body. My plan is based on the development of technology to extract those nutrients, during waste water treatment, and present them in a palatable form.

My project is named 'Soylent Brown' as a tribute to the movie 'Soylent Green' which, if y'all remember, used the the remains of humans to supply an eatable source of food to a 'dying planet earth'.

So how will this stimulate the economy?

The raw materials for the production of 'Soylent Brown' is readily available and self renewing.

Jobs will be created while we develop the technology to manufacture 'Soylent Brown' giving a boost to the 'technology sector'.

Once we have the technology the 'construction sector' will get a boost retrofitting our current 'waste water treatment plants' and building processing centers to manufacture 'Soylent Brown'.

When production begins the 'transpotation' and 'distribution' sectors will improve as we make this wonder food available to the public.

I propose that we give 'Soylent Brown' away free to our entire population. Please follow my logic here.

If Americans have a good food source that they can access without cost; they will have 'inceased disposable income'. Increased disposable income means that we will be spending money on things that are not essential to us in a 'poor economy'.

This will stimulate our economy across its spectrum. An economic turn around could be achieved in approximately 'Ten Years'. Compared to these other plans; Ten Years is a short waiting period for, what I believe, will be a great return.

So there is my plan!! I believe it to be a sound and workable solution to our economic situation.

Just think!! The term 'Blow It out Your Ass' will take on a whole new meaning, lol.

I would throw my 'Hat' into the 'run for the Presidency' if 'I Could Afford A Hat'.

Damn!! Now my plan will never see the light of day. Just like the 'Shit' coming from all our 'offical Presidential candidates'.

Love ya,

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