Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Climate Change Causing Smaller Animals~~A Positive Really!!

I read with great interest this morning, at The Onion, that 'climate change' was causing animals to grow in smaller sizes. I personally look at this as a positive effect of climate change.

I envision a world with 'tiny animals' populating 'tiny family owned backyard farms' and providing at least part of their own food.

I foresee a time when we all can have a 'tiny farm. in our backyards. Tiny animals supplying us with smaller portions for our plates with the result of a much needed 'weight loss' for the American people.

We could use space that is wasted now with flowers and shrubs that look pretty but add no real income to the family bottom line; unless you sell your house. In this economy that would be nuts.

With the introduction of tiny animals, that are raised and processed by a family unit, several advantages come to mind.

1. The smaller animal size means that they reach 'eatable maturity' quicker affording families a shorter 'birth to table ratio'.
2. A faster 'birth to table ratio' will reduce costs related to raising the animal thereby leaving more in the family budget for luxuries like soap.
3. Small animals mean daily butchering leaving meats fresher and healthier.
4. Home butchering cuts out much of the cost related to getting larger animals from the farm to the table. Again more to a families bottom line.
5. Finally, having a tiny farm will get the kids out of the house and into the fresh air. At the moment most kids think playing 'Farmville' on Face Book is real farming.

The types of tiny animals is endless. Examples:

All of the above animals are eatable and good sources of protein. Yes kiddies even horses which are eaten in Europe. I see an over seas food market there.

Yummy!! Fresh bacon everyday. See those piggies! A perfect size for two BLT's, the 'Holy Grail of Bacon Sandwiches'.

And lets not stop there. Tiny vegetables will become a mainstay. Baby carrots will be a star under the Tiny Farm scheme.

Life is going to be so good. The affects on the Earth's population will be nothing but positive.


Climate Change is causing 'smaller humans too'? 

Food For Thought!!

Love ya,

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