Monday, August 22, 2011

The Minting Of A New Second Life Man~~~Day 1 & 2~~The Dark Ages!!

Yes the first couple of days giving birth to a male avatar was the dark ages. There are so many things I needed but a search of my inventory revealed a pathetically small number of Male Necessities.

I had to stitch together some kind of a Male Avatar just so I could go out and start getting the things I needed to produce a Suitable Human Avatar Resemblance. My inventory was little help but it did yield enough to get me out the door to shop.

I had a shape that made me look a little like a White Urkle with a skin as pale as pure white paint. My clothes consisted of a pair of jeans and a tee shirt with some kind of an unrecognizable hat on it. No shoes at all. No socks. I was frightening enough I knew no one would bother me or of they did notice me they might have pity and drop a few Lindens in the unrecognizable hat on my shirt.

I hid in my house until well after dark and a time when I was sure no one I knew might be lurking about.

My first stop was a skin and shape shop. I needed something that would allow me out in the light of day without being mistaken for The Elephant Man. I was lucky enough to find a passable skin and shape, that I could tweak, on my first store visit. I rushed home with my purchase and started tweaking. Two, yes 2, hours later I had a shape I could appear in public wearing.

The thing about shapes in Second Life is that they do not come with all the anatomical parts. Now on a female avatar you can get away with not having a sexual component because it is anatomically internal. I never had a vagina for my female avatar. But with men that critter sticks out like a flag pole on the Fourth of July. Looking at my penis-less avatar I realized how spade animals must feel after being dragged kicking and screaming into the veterinarian's office.

I was already exhausted so I left penis shopping for another day. Believe me no one, NO ONE, was going to be interested in checking out this avatars equipment, lol.

 By the time I finished tinkering with the shape the sun was coming up over Second Life so I decided to slip out into my First Life and wait the fall of darkness to try and find some clothes. The clothes I had looked like what is left on The Hulk after his transformation, lol. A bit tattered, way to small and adjusted to cover what it could.

Once night fell I headed back out to find at least passable clothes. I have never been one to shop at the marketplace online but I now have learned to do that quite successfully. I was able to find a decent pair of jeans, a nice western styled shirt, and yes kiddies, a pair of underwear. I FINALLY, AFTER 4 YEARS IN SL, OWNED A PAIR OF UNDERWEAR, LOL!

The hardest thing to find were shoes I liked. Several hours of searching, in SL shops and at the marketplace, yielded a passable pair of sneakers.

All in all I did not look so bad. EXCEPT FOR MY HAIR!!  Those who knew me as a woman knew that hair was my downfall. I had to have many styles and colors. But as a man I saw no need for hair color changes and for more than a couple of styles.

Back to First Life I went to await the next Moon Rise and more Avatar Creations.

Tomorrow; hair, the male walk and animations and getting up the courage to leave the house.

Love ya,

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