Sunday, August 21, 2011

God Told Me To Run For President?~~~Bullshit!!

I believe that God does not want anything to do with American Politics or any countries politics. I can not see God sitting in front of His television on Election Night biting his fingernails over who moves into or out of the White House.

God is not a Republican nor a Democrat, a Conservative nor a Liberal, a Capitalist nor a Communist. God is simply God and has so many important things to worry about. Politics in any form, I am sure, does not even register on The God - O - Meter For Earthly Problems.

He has so many really important things to worry about. I will list a few things that eclipse any political consideration.

1. Are McDonald's Fries better than Wendy's Fries?
2. Will the dethroning of The Burger King affect Monarchs Worldwide.
3. WTF is a California Whopper? Guacamole on a burger? REALLY?
4. Will the Major League Sports, during ANY NEGOTIATION, say, 'What will the FANS feel about that?
5. Does the little guy living in my toilet bowl really clean 24/7 or is he just yachting?
6. If Fried Food is so bad for you; Why does it taste so freaking good?
7. If I dream about having sex with Katey Perry; will she wake up feeling satisfied?
8. Why do they fight wars in my name? I never liked the Middle East anyway. That is why I made it  a freaking dry desolate place.
9. Is there really a Dutch Boy? If there is does he sell paint and stick his fingers in dikes?
10. Why doesn't Anderson Cooper come out? Is he afraid that the Military will not let him ride around in tanks anymore?

There are so many more pressing God Issues! Who gets elected to anything is way down on God List Of Give A Shits.

So Ends Nights Sunday Sermon!! I will spend the rest of my Sunday ducking lightening bolts!

Love ya,

PS....Tomorrow starts a series of Blog Posts covering 'The Minting Of A New Second Life Man'. I intend it to be Funny, Informative and Self Deprecating. Oh!! And Uncensored,,LOL!

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