Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Minting Of A New Second Life Man~~Why Do I Walk Like An Ape?

Day Three and I am strutting around my house like a prized peacock. Let me emphasize 'Around my house!'  Because I have yet to get the courage to step out and let people see me in my new form. There is still work to be done. Lots of work,,lol.

The female form, during walking, is an amazingly beautiful thing to watch. Hips moving side to side, legs stretching out with each step and her bottom moving in a way that brings tears of joy to the eyes of appreciating observers.

Men, on the other hand, walk like APES who have never been upright in their lives and are still grooming their asses with their teeth. I was certainly in this category. So my next task was to find a HUD that would give me proper walking, running, standing and sitting animations.

I headed out and tried several different stores. After, what I felt was an extended search I found a HUD I could live with, made my purchase and headed home to play with it.

My HUD Grade:

1. Running~~quite good
2. Standing~~restful and relaxed
3. Sitting~~4 poses and all were passable
4, Walking~~4 animations with all producing an APE LIKE GAIT not much better than when I was not wearing the animations HUD at all.

What seems to be missing from the male Gait Pattern is Arm Swing. All the Walk Animations that I tried had the arms glued to my sides like I had been on a really bad BDSM date and was doing The Walk Of Shame with my arms tied to my torso.

Hint: Animation Creators~~~~FIX THIS!!!!  Men hate looking like APES. Most women think we act like Apes most of time anyway. Lets fix this so at least they will have to talk to us before deciding that we actually are Apes.

So with my Ape Like Walk; I mustered enough courage to head out and find some new hair because what I had was just adding to my Ape Like Demeanor.

I have always believed that a well groomed man is an attractive man but the term Well Groomed has changed over the years. At one time Well Groomed meant short clean cut hair. Now it covers an entire list of styles and cuts.

I chose 2 styles; a conservative, short but not to short , style and a longer, slightly wilder style that included a bandanna. Both in dark brown. I liked both and was a happy camper.  Home I went again to organize my hair and finish my look.

I continued to strut around admiring myself in the completely safe environment of my house. But the time had come to step out and let people see my New Creation.

I started slowly, doing a little more shopping, and chatting with a few people as I shopped. The nicest comment I received came from a complete stranger who said and I quote; "You have a great sense of style, keep up the good work". My ego was inflated.

I felt the urge to head out and see a show because I was feeling confident. So I grabbed my newly found confidence and WENT AND HID IN MY HOUSE,LOL.

Yeah! I was not ready mentally for my unveiling.

Tomorrow~~Going out and discovering The Wallflower Effect.

Love ya,

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