Saturday, August 20, 2011

Potpourri And Other Shit!!

It's Saturday all over the world. People are grocery shopping, washing cars, mowing lawns and checking to see what football games are on today. Everyone that is except me!

Saturday is my day to surf around the Internet and find the stupidest, saddest and most pathetic things I can find to fill these pages.

First up is a celebrity retirement that really has me upset. The Burger King has been retired from commercials. What a sad day!!!

No longer will I be hearing about The Whopper from my favorite Royal Personage. Life will not be the same. With the introduction of a More Healthy Menus, have you tried the new California Whopper~delicious but healthy I think not, Burger King decided they needed a more upbeat healthy advertising campaign.


On the subject of advertising. We all knew that sex sells, sex attracts and sex is FREAKING FANTASTIC. So this page from The New York Post Has it all. A pretty woman, good food, a pretty woman, good food, OH and RACKS!!

YES SIR!! In a perfect world a man could get all the ribs he can eat, wash them down with a good beer and then snuggle in that RACK.

I am so eating ribs tonight!!

Finally Headlines That Made Me Puke This Week!!!

You know the type. Meaningless stories about publicity seeking celebrities covering stupid material from writers that are trying to somehow convince us that it is all newsworthy.

Here we go!!

'BumpWatch: Hilary Duff Debuts Her Belly'~~Bump Watch~~God Help Us Keep our Food Down!

'Anton Yelchin On 'Fright Night': Vampires Will 'F*cking F*ck You'~~The command of the English language by some people never ceases to amaze me.        

'Man Who Microwaved His Cat Spared Prison'~~They should have fried this guy but it seems the cat had a prior history of crawling into microwaves on its own so the courts Declared This A Suicide Attempt.

'Jesse James And Kat Von D Back Together: Engagement Is On'~~It's on! It's off! He wants Sandra Bullock back! It's on! All in a matter of 3 days. Hollywood~~a cesspool of worthless fodder!

Now I will go try and eat some lunch and hope I can keep it down. I read an hours worth of this SHIT this morning.

Love ya,

PS....I heard that Miss Piggy is sporting a Froggy looking Baby Bump~~HMMM,,what will that kid look like?

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