Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Is It About Religion That Makes Us So Angry With Each Other?

What Is It About Religion That Makes Us So Angry With Each Other?  I have asked this question of myself all my life and an easy answer has never availed itself to me.

I was raised in a Staunch Roman Catholic home but I never felt at home there. Through the years I have attended many Christian Denomination services, several Jewish services and have read about most religions both as a search for my own Spiritual Being and as research for my writings. I can tell you with all honesty that No Single Organized Religion has ever given me a feeling like I was at home.

I, and I have tried to understand, Wars Fought In The Name If God. It goes against my beliefs of what God wants for me and what I believe that God wants for His/Her Creation.

So over the years I have developed my own Inner Faith; borrowing from all the Religious Organizations that I have come in contact with over my lifetime. Since it seems to be a Human Trait to give name to our Religious Beliefs; I have labeled myself a Non Denominational Non Specific Monotheist. It describes my beliefs quite well.

Non Denominational  = No specific religious affiliation.
Non Specific  = No specific set of rules for my worship.
Monotheist = One God~~Only One God for everyone.

It may seem that I have over simplified religious beliefs or given a kick in the butt to your beliefs but, and this is my basis of thought, Each Of Us Needs To Decide Who/What/When/Where/How/Or If At All we are going to Worship God.

Religion, the belief in and reverence to a Spiritual Deity, is and should be a solitary journey that we make to find our own Peace and Comfort Zone.

I have no idea why the need to express all this hit upon me today. Maybe it is my work with Relay For Life. More likely it is my desire to understand the fragility of the Human Spirit to certain aspects of life.

This I do know; when you have a Spiritual Belief  that grounds you to living a good life your happiness is assured.

Love ya,

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