Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pippa Quest Ends!!!

Over this past weekend members of my 'Quest For A Date With Pippa Middleton' committee meet in secret meetings with their counterparts from Pippa's Inner Circle. The meetings were held at The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit Street, London. This site was chosen by Pippa's people because it affords it's customers 'snob screens' which afford such meetings with a bit of privacy.

During these discussions, which were heated at some points, Pippa's budding relationship with Prince Harry was revealed. This information was relayed to me immediately and taken under advisement by my Pawley's Island Home Committee.

Upon reflecting on all the information provided by my London Based Allies and on the sound advice of my Home Committee; I am ending my Quest For A Date With Pippa. This is a sad moment for me but it is the correct and righteous decision. One can not attempt to infiltrate the English Royalty with out causing problems for myself and for Pippa; whom I only want the best.

Even though I truly believe that I am Pippa's best choice and Harry's BETTER in all matters I must reluctantly relent from my quest.

To my many supports I say. "Do not despair. Do not fee like all is lost. Another Quest will be coming soon and I promise bigger and better things. All my committees, both domestic and foreign, will remain in place."

For now I will console myself in the arms of beautiful and loving women while I prepare for my future Quests.

Love ya,

PS....There will be reports on my adventures with Sara Silverman in upcoming Blogs. An Adventure of a Lifetime with a beautiful and talented Gay Woman. SMILES BIG TIME!!!


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