Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tidbits And A Pippa Update~~~I Can See You Are Excited Out Of Your Shorts!!

A GLIMMER OF LIGHT HAS SEEPED INTO MY 'QUEST FOR A DATE WITH PIPPA MIDDLETON'. That's right Kiddies; she may be ripe for the picking.

Last week one of my operatives, inside of Pippas Inner Circle, went shopping for, as the operative put it, "Nice Summer Frocks". While they were on this shopping outing new information about Pippa and her current boyfriend has slipped out. It seems that Pippa is confused about her relationships with her current male companion and her past relationships.

CONFUSION!!! CONFUSION!!! THE WORD IS LIKE AN ATTACK ORDER TO THE TROOPS!! When a woman gets confused about her male companionship's; a FEMALE LIAISON is just around the corner.

So all my committees are on HIGH ALERT and looking for an opening for me at the earliest opportunity. I will keep you posted.



I have been sitting on my personal kiosk for 39 hours with 139 hours left to go. Raised so far $L70,000. That means that I will be running around Second Life Bald for at least 14 days. With my music events coming inn the next few days I may be Bald for a very long time. YEAH ME!!!

Stop by the Red River Saloon for a chat. You can not miss me. I am the Cheerleader sitting on an RFL Kiosk.  My SLURL~~~  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lilith/185/243/84

Love ya,

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