Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Personal Quest For RFL Starts Today!!

As many of you know; I am the Captain of The SL Cure Chasers Relay For Life Of Second Life Team. During each RFL Campaign, over the past 5 years, I have Put my HAIR UP OR SALE as a way of raising money for the cause. Last year  my hair brought a little over $L50,000 and I spent 6 days BALD FOR A CURE.

This years event, 'NIGHTS ANNUAL HAIRCUT', will last 7 days with a goal of me being bald until the Final RFL Weekend in Mid July. I will climb upon my Personal RFL Kiosk and sit there 24/7 for a week starting today June 12 and ending at midnight June 19th.

Here is the deal!! I will go bald One Day for Every $L5,000 raised and if we go over $L100,000 I will stay bald until Opening Ceremonies Of RFL Final Weekend.

                            COME SHEAR MY BEAUTIFUL LOCKS

There will be Live Singers and DJ's  performing during this time frame but I will remain on my kiosk until the end of the week even when no shows are going on.  All shows are at the Red River Entertainment Complex.

Shows June 12(TODAY)

3pm  Shaye Dezno
4pm  Elizabeth Malloy
5pm DJ April McCoy
6pm  DJ Sue

Of course there will also be times when I am ALL ALONE WITH MY THOUGHTS so stop by and visit for a chat or to make a donation. YOU DO NOT WANT ME TO BE ALONE WITH MY THOUGHTS!!! The regular readers of this blog can attest to that fact.

The only time I will leave my kiosk will be for the EXPECTED SL CRASHES, for Roller Derby Practice and for those surprising RL things that pop up. Other than that I will be there waiting for you.

Stop by and keep me company!!

Love ya,

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