Tuesday, June 21, 2011

President Obama~~I Am Not A Fan!~~But Why Are Some People So Stupid!!

I am sure that if you read back through my Blog Posts you will easily come to the conclusion that I am not running around carrying an 'Obama For President In 2010 Banner'. But my dislike is not for President Obama, the man, but for his policies. And by the way; I actually agree with him on some things like the repeal of the 'Militaries Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy'.

But in recent weeks I have heard President Obama called a Terrorist, by  rapper Lupe Fiasco, and a Murderer, by Louis Farrakhan. Two people I do not feel hold any real expertise in anything except 'Aggitation'.

Louis Farrakhan is a long time hater of United States policy especially as it pertains to the Muslim World. Lupe Fiasco is a talented musician with many business interests but his view of the world is blurred by a chaotic upbringing that included training in how to use an AK-47.

I am sure there are things that Lupe Fiasco and I can and do agree on and I would love to have a discourse with him on a wide range of topics.

Louis Farrakhan , on the other hand and in my opinion, is a danger to our society. His right to say what he feels is protected by our Constitution and I would defend his right to state that opinion even while I was condemning it.

While Lupe Fiasco has a view as to how he would like the United States to conduct its business; Louis Farrakhan professes a philosophy that would damage our society, restrict our religious freedoms, destroy women rights and freedoms and change the way we live our every day lives.

The wonderful thing about being an American is that we have the right to say whatever we feel needs being said, within the confines of not starting a public panic, while giving others voice for or against those opinions.

What I find interesting is that the types of criticism, of President, that Louis Farrakhan and Lupe Fiasco have put forth; comes from People Of Color. To me this is a revelation worth noting. For far to long the so called experts on 'How People Vote' have told us that Black People walked forward and drank the Kool Aide President Obama was serving just because he was black. I have always believed that people vote according to what is important to them no matter what their socioeconomic or racial background.

I so love being an American!!!

Love ya,

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