Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day~~I Love Him And Miss Him Everyday!!

Father's Day was always a special day at my house when I was a child. Dad was raising three children alone and doing a pretty good job of it. The lessons he taught me are still in use today. Early this morning I drove up to North Carolina to his grave site to place flowers but also to do something much more important. See each year, on Father's Day, Dad and I have a 'talk'. It is my day to fill him in on everything that has happened over the past year and believe me 'He is listening'.

Every child believes their fathers are special but mine was one of those fathers that was just that, 'Special'. He was a career military man who never used being a single parent as a tool to get out of the tough assignments. When I was young our home moved where ever he was stationed; if that was possible. I lived in Germany, The Philippines, Guam, Italy, South Korea and just about every US State that has a military base.

But when I got older Dad wanted me to  stay at home with my aunt and go to school. I also think that he thought that I needed the influence of a woman in my life. Cancer took my Mother when I was four years old and Dad became my life. He knew there were some things he could not do for a growing girl so at home I stayed. Even with us being separated he constantly taught me to be self reliant through his letters. In my storage area I have several boxes filled with his letters and things he sent me from all over the world.

It was very hard being apart and my aunt and I did not always see 'eye to eye'. I am sure my being taught to be as independent as possible had a lot to do with the many arguments my aunt and I had over the years. We did become great friends and her passing was quite difficult. I chatted with her today too.

I understand that the USA is one of the few countries that celebrate Father's Day. So to all the Dads out there who woke this morning to breakfast made by your children, home made presents, free use of the TV remote control for one full day and lots of hugs and kisses I say this to you;enjoy every second of YOUR day, fill yourself with all the love that is heading your way and as the day permits 'Have A Little Talk With Your Children' and teach them all you know. Because a time will come when the conversations will get one sided, like mine are now, but the memory of your TALKING with them will fill their hearts forever.


Love ya,

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