Thursday, June 2, 2011

Popcorn Or Penicillin~~Which Is has Contributed More To The Quality Of Life??

Popcorn Or Penicillin~~Which Is has Contributed More To The Quality Of Life?? Yes Kiddies that is the question of the day. But it seems that the History Television Channel has answered it for us, in a one hour documentary, and has put Popcorn on a par with Penicillin as a great invention.

The article from The Onion Website;

History Channel Treating Invention Of Popcorn Like It's Fucking Penicillin

NEW YORK—An in-depth, hour-long History Channel special about the cultivation and manufacture of popcorn reverentially details the origin of the snack food as though it were as fucking miraculous as the discovery of penicillin, sources reported Friday. "It was then that an engineer from Indiana named Frederick Mennen—a quiet, thoughtful man who would later found the Jiffy Pop corporation—conceived the intricately interleaved foil enclosure that would become synonymous with popcorn for most of the 20th century," a voiceover declared in sober tones befitting a description of how Sir Alexander Fleming saved millions, literally millions, of fucking lives by developing the world's first antibiotic. "The addition of salt and butter added the final flavorsome coda to Mennen's masterpiece." The program was reportedly followed by a rerun of Ancient Aliens, a show that treats extraterrestrial influence on primitive cultures as if it were something that actually happened

Now I will be the first to tell you that popcorn enhances much of my life. It is a healthy snack food, it seems to make all movies better when teamed with a soft drink and it makes my evenings sitting at my favorite bar better by pushing salt and butter, especially when it teams up with peanuts, into my system and FORCING me to drink more beer. A delightful food indeed.

But when I fall down and cut open a part of my FANTASTIC BODY and INFECTION is a possibility; putting popcorn on the wound or ingesting it as a source of fighting infections seems quite fanciful and fraught with wishful thinking.

Give me Penicillin or any wide spectrum antibiotic for the infections and then feed me popcorn while I sit and watch television during my recuperation period.

So in my opinion, and I am just one person who feels the need to SAVE MY FREAKING LIFE FROM POSSIBLE INFECTION, Penicillin is a far superior invention than popcorn.

That's one persons opinion anyway!!

Love ya,

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