Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pulling A Rabbit out Of A Hat In South Carolina Is A Government Job!!

Over the past two weeks I have presented articles from The Onion Website; which are written for their humor effect and based on facts taken to absurd conclusions. PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! What is coming up is Fact taken from the annals of FEDERAL GOVERNMENT STUPIDITY AND MONEY WASTING.  Well I did make that name up, lol.

This particular article comes from and is titled; USDA ‘Rabbit Police’ Stalking Magicians by Bob McCarty.

This one I did not make up, lol.

Bob McCarty writes ' I came across details of another effort being waged by the federal agency’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Earlier this week, I contacted Tim Sonefelt, a South Carolina magician, family entertainer and entrepreneur who broke the story three years ago.'

'What happens when your photo is taken for the newspaper with your fluffy little bunny rabbit? Great publicity, right? Well, not if a U.S Department of Agriculture agent buys a copy of that paper! Enter the Rabbit Police!'

'Yes, you read correctly, the RABBIT POLICE, and the above story is how my buddy Gary Maurer in Hilton Head Island, S.C., was “busted” in the summer of 2006!'

'Gary is a full-time performer working heavily during the tourist season at numerous resort areas and tourist attractions on the island. One day, the local newspaper showed up at the show and took some photos to accompany a short blurb about the tourist area. The photo that ran included one of Gary’s beautiful Angora Rabbits.'
'Imagine Gary’s surprise when, a couple of weeks later, a field inspector from the USDA contacted him explaining that he needed to have a license to use the rabbits in his show. He was so surprised, in fact, that he though it was a joke! He was quickly informed it was indeed no joke.'
'They made arrangements for the inspector to make the three-hour trek from Columbia, S.C., to Hilton Head and Gary went through the process to become licensed.'

“She was very polite and helpful in explaining everything. She also seemed to understand the lunacy of the whole thing. At the same time, I guess she has a job to do,” said Maurer. “She also asked me if I knew other magicians who used rabbits. I told her she’d have to find that out for herself!”
'Gary said she also informed him that she knew about SCAM, South Carolina’s annual meeting of magicians and had plans to show up there. As of yet, we’ve not had an opportunity to tar and feather anyone from the USDA!'
This is not an isolated incident and is a total waste of money. Hundreds of dollars wasted in a country that for all intent and purposes is BROKE.

'Nicl Propst's, a magician, wife walked in on this scene at her home after telling the USDA Inspector her husband was not at home. Mrs. Propst agreed to give Nick the note, and the door was again closed. Mrs. Propst was about to leave. When she entered their garage from their house, she saw a lady with her hands pressed against the glass of their outer garage door. The USDA “rabbit lady” was peering into their garage! If that’s not creepy enough, she also made herself at home and browsed around their yard before leaving. (Hum “The Twilight Zone” theme song here!)'

Please read the entire article and decide for yourself if this is not a Waste Of Tax Payer Money. Last that I checked we were BROKE!!!

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