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If A Camel Farts In Australia Does The Temperature Rise In The USA?

If A Camel Farts In Australia Does The Temperature Rise In The USA? Yes Kiddies this is the question of the day and the great country of Australia is putting money toward studying the problem. I an article entitled 'Do Gassy Camels Add to Global Warming?', it states; 'Camels will be studied in central Australia to determine whether the animals' flatulence is contributing to global warming. 

'The study will monitor the levels of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the animals. It will also try to determine if dead camels emit even more pollution as they are decomposing.'

'The Northern Territory Government has given Charles Darwin University AU$10,000 ($9,671) to engage Aborigines to monitor camels' impact and carbon emission.'

'One wonders how so many sead camels can possibly produce enough gasses to effect a Global Warming  condition? How many Dead Camels are laying around Australia? A little further research gave me a possible answer.'

'Shoot a camel and save the planet, Australia proposes'
Sydney - The camels plaguing the Australian Outback could be turned into both carbon credits and dog meat, a government official said Thursday.

Under a scheme that looks set to pass through the Canberra parliament next week, bounty hunters could earn a carbon credit of 70 Australian dollars (75 US dollars) for each animal shot.

'They could be traded both in Australia and abroad to companies that need carbon credits because they are big emitters of pollution,' Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change Mark Dreyfus said.

Australia has the world's largest herd of wild camels and each one belches out the methane equivalent of around 1 ton of carbon dioxide each year.

There are around 1.2 million and their number is doubling every seven years.

Parliament has bipartisan support for the scheme, with opposition agriculture spokesman John Cobb saying wiping out feral camels would be the equivalent of taking 300,000 cars off the road.

The ancestors of today's camels were brought from India as beasts of burden and let loose in the 1900s when motorised vehicles took over their work.
They compete for food and water not just with farmed animals like cattle and sheep but even with people.

Two years ago a thirst-maddened mob of 6,000 camels besieged Docker River near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, ripping out water pipes and wrenching air-conditioners from walls in their desperation for a drink. Canberra put up the money for them to be shot from helicopters.

Northern Territory government wildlife officer Glenn Edwards warned last year that camels could turn the Outback into a wasteland because each one chomped through 3.5 kilograms of precious vegetation every day.

'It's a camel paradise,' he said. 'They're not like the Sahara Desert for example but if we let things go unchecked with camels, well, who knows, we might be looking at true deserts at some stage down the track.'

I am amazed at what we, the Human Race, will do under the guise of Global Warming. Australia created this problem and its answer to solving it is a Camel Slaughter. I do realize that this is a serious problem and must be dealt with but maybe if people act responsibly with animals these things would not reach crisis levels. Was it not Australia that had a Rabbit Over Population problem some time ago?

I do not want to seem like I am dumping just on Australia. Other countries, including the USA, have similar histories. Recently, I believe, that I have read about the USA having a problem with certain alligators and fish that are not indigenous to North America. As World Citizens we are all responsible as to how the other species that share the earth with us are treated.

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