Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Haircut Is Complete~~~Plus Some Stupidity From Corporate America!!

I reached my goal of $L100,000 last night and now I will be bald for a month. So if you see me wandering the grid stop and say Hello. I have a HUD attached to my head that gives information about why I am bald. Give my head a click!!

       I am so freaking cute,,lol!! Why is my head shaped like a triangle?


I fully understand the ways of business. I fully realize that a company is in business to make money for its owners or shareholders if it is publicly held. But all companies need to have a sense of HUMANITY when it comes to their employees and their families.

Enter Haynes Management  of Massachusetts; who their stupidity and lack of support to a long time employee garnered this headline for themselves this week~~~'Man Gets Fired After Wife Gets Cancer.'

It seems that the wife of their employee of 13 years, Carl Sorabella , was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Mr. Sorabella's request,who is an accountant, was to be allowed  to stay at home with his wife, to care for her, during the day time hours. He offered to make up his hours at night and on weekends. The response from Haynes Management  was a pink slip and directions to the door.

This man was not asking to be paid and not work. He fully intended to fulfill his obligation to his employer. All he really wanted was a change in schedule and some compassion. It seems  Haynes Management does not have the word Compassion in their corporate vocabulary.

But this is more than a story about a husband and wife fighting a horrible disease. It is a love story that is worthy of book and movie potential.

From the article; 'For now, Sorabella is on unemployment, and his wife is on disability. But the two have always been fighters, and have faith that they can get through this together. Kathleen was homeless when they first met. Sorabella was a bus driver and found her sleeping in the back of his bus. The two have accomplished much since then.'

'After they got married, he earned an accounting degree, she set up a homeless shelter and earned bachelor's and master's degrees in social science, the latter which she just completed three years ago. She's still paying off her $60,000 student loan.'

These are people that understand true sacrifice and true love. As long as they are together; their lives will be good ones.

Keep the Sorabella's in your prayers!!

And for all you Budding Accounts~~~Think twice before applying for a job at Haynes Management of Massachusetts.

Love ya,

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