Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Women~~Knowing The Value Of A Good Photo Opportunity!!

Many celebrities take advantage of photo opportunities to keep them in the news. Many even have their publicists leak where and when they will be somewhere so the paparazzi can be there to get the shots.  Sort of 'Product Placement For Humans'. But the key is not in the producing of photo opportunities for yourself; but rather in the quality of that opportunity. 

We see how many celebrities get caught in compromising positions that cause them to be involved in bits of controversy. If the controversy is minor and legal then it becomes useful to there careers but if they are the sort that Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan find themselves in damage can and will result.

This photo of Kate Middleton is a perfect example of taking advantage of a photo opportunity in such a wonderful way. She is simply dressed, looks cute, sexy and tasteful. The 'Girl Next Door Look' in someone that is definitely not living next door to me; DAMN IT!

Now compare this photo with Vansesa Hudgens. A beautiful woman in her own right but the flashiness and an outward 'I am a sexy bitch attidude' that is portrayed in this photo cheapens that beauty.

Beautiful? YES!
Sexy? YES!
Necessary to sell her beauty or her talent? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

This is an example of Hollywood's demands that a woman needs to portray a sexy exterior before she can display her inner abilities to act.

Paris Hilton is the 'Mistress of taking  advantage of photo opportunities'.  This is a woman that does not need the publicity, because of her wealth, but she knows how to take her turn in front of the camera better than most celebrities. She can show us the 'Innocent Girl' look on Monday and the 'Sexy Vixen' on Tuesday. All done tastefully and with purpose. I am not totally a fan but I would not toss her from my bed either, lol.

And finally:

WTF is this? This is the use of sex and shock value to sell a product through an outrageous image. Not many can pull it off and Lady Gaga is someone that does this to perfection. I am someone that does not find this sexy or even particularly shocking. I guess I have grown immune to her antics.

Oh & BTW!! I would toss her from my bed!!

Love ya,

PS.....Celebrity men are not immune to this situation. They are just way less enjoyable to snap photos of by the paparazzi.

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