Monday, March 28, 2011

Nights Dance To Day~~~Chapter 14

Chapter 14
I walked into a room that was deathly quiet. Martin had his head down and was staring at the floor. His breathing was shallow and fast. His hands tied behind his back and his feet tied to the chair legs. There were spatters of blood around the chair. Martin looked like hell.

His face was bloody and his nose had a split on the right side. Both his hands were covered in blood and it was still dripping on the floor. His forearms were bruised. I had no interest in what had gone on in this room.

“You ready to talk?”

“That man’s an animal.”, Martin

“Hey! You’re the one kidnapping girls. You put yourself in that chair.” I could tell Pete had Martin broken.

“You talk to me now or I go back to my coffee and you and this man dance some more. Your choice.”

“I will give you what you want.”, Martin.

Pete left the room to go check with his sources on Clayton Security and to see what progress Wailer was having with a fresh car.

“You start talking and I will stop you when I have questions. Fuck around one bit and you earn yourself a little more dance time. Understand?”

“Yes!”. Martin yelled. He did not want Pete back in this room.

Martin told a story that rocked me and if it were true I had failed my wife even more than I thought I had.

Martin said that Franny had been taken as continued punishment for Maria’s work on the sex slave trade. He said that they thought that I was out of the way and there would be no interference from anyone. But this was the easy part of the story for me to swallow.

“Your wife was not killed in the explosion.”, Martin.

That statement staggered me. I saw the body. I buried her.

“She was taken out of the car before it blew up. The girl in the car was one she had managed to free and was taking to the police.”, Martin

My head was spinning. The body was not identifiable because of the damage.

“She was taken out of the country and sold with some other girls. They wanted her to disappear.”, Martin.

I jumped at him and hit him hard in the face. I felt his nose crush under my fist.

“Stop! Stop! There is more. Please!”, Martin was pleading for mercy. I was not feeling merciful.

“She was pregnant. The buyer did not want her so she was held in Ireland until the baby was born. Then she was moved some where else.”, Martin

I felt my head starting to explode. He was telling me things that I could not even imagine. I was in a dream world. I vaguely remember Maria telling me about a surprise.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know!”, Martin.

Who knows?”

“Jimmy Bailey, in Belfast, brokered the deal.”, Martin.

“Bailey the arms dealer?”

Martin screamed, “Yes!”

“Martin is there anything else?”

“No!” Martin was spent and I could tell that his story was through. My head was spinning. Two years wasted! Two years she has been out there alone. A child! I could not think clearly and stepped outside the room.

Pete had been listening to everything. When I came out he put a hand on my shoulder, “I will take care of it”, he said. The he walked into Martin’s room.

“ I have the car. What’s going on?”, Wailer.

Two shots rang out and Martin was gone.

Wailer was just staring at me.

“Two years! Two Years!”

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