Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Night From Hell!!

It started out as just an ordinary day. Working around Red River getting ready for the shows.  Everything was going so smooth. I had been invited to a Masquerade Ball by my friends Porter and Loegan. It was a celebration of their Second Life partnership.  I picked out a nice gown and wore a cute mask. I was so looking forward to the party.

As my luck would have it; my Second Life partner had to log off and I was without a date for the party. I felt uncomfortable going alone so I went looking for an escort. NO! NOT THAT KIND OF AN ESCORT! YOU ALL HAVE  SUCH DIRTY MINDS!  Just someone to take me so I was not the girl standing around alone. Someone to dance with,,,and that's all.  Anyway this was my first mistake.

I arrived at a sim that everyone told me had many eligible men to escort me.

I was mobbed by eligible men but they all kept trying to bite me. Now I  am no prude when it comes to foreplay but after all I was in a very nice gown,

One nice gentleman lifted me upon his shoulders and tried to carry me off. He was so my choice for my date. But some military looking guy was shooting everyone and I was afraid my gown would get bloody so I left. Alone and disappointed I decided to go to a bank and get some cash. Without a date I would be paying my own way.

Have you ever gone to a bank wearing a mask. Mistake number two. The police were quickly called.

I was handcuffed and thrown into a police car. My first thought was that the policeman was kind of cute. Maybe he would take me to the party.

NO!!! He shoved me into a jail cell with a less than talkative cell mate. Looked like the guy had been there awhile and was not getting out anytime soon. No date possibility there.

The prison food was horrible and all the men serving were hairy and smelled like Vaseline and other things I could not even begin to describe. My chance at an escort to the party was dwindling very fast.

They finally let me out. Seems that the arresting officer had conducted an illegal search and while I had very much enjoyed the strip search; he did not even offered me a decent meal afterward. I found that to be rude and even if he had agreed to escort me I would have said no.

So I bought my own meal at McDonald's and headed home. There was only one thing on my mind at this point.

A SHOWER!!! I just needed to wash this night out of my system.

In reality; Porter and Loegan's party was wonderful. They had constructed a river boat, provided wonderful music and made the night totally fun. They are so good together. I wish them much love and happiness.


Love ya,

PS.....There were no Zombies injured or killed in the making of today's blog.

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  1. Ahaha, wonderful photo story! And vivid! "...all the men serving were hairy and smelled like Vaseline...` Ewwww!