Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things I Do Not Like!!

Many profiles have lists. Lists like, 'What I like,,What I do not like,,This is me,,Who am I,,My Rules'.and many more. Today's list was perved this past weekend at the Lesbian Teahouse.  I love this place for perving. There is always large numbers of people; women and the women 'want to be's'. It is fun and strange all at the same time, Yeppers!! Second Life is a wonderful place.

Things I do not like:
-If you think that illuminating the entire surroundings around you with your facelight is sexy or hot or in some way cool, please skip me.
-If you think bling looks hot, please find someone else who has bling too so you both can be two bright stars in the galaxy
-If your avatar is disproportionally tall and fitted with megaboobs, I don't think I am your girl.
-If you believe that girls will fall for your cock hanging out of your pants, let me tell you: no.
-At least have something in your profile, I like reading them.
-If you are a stalker, psycho, moron or just f*ed up, back the f* off or you will end up in six pieces in the dumpster in the alley.
-I have a name and it's not 'hun' or 'babe' or 'sweetie'
-Yes, I know I have small boobs, I don't mind, do you?
-When you still look like a noob after let's say 100 days, please leave me alone, there are many many places to get great stuff for little or less. Please take some effort to look pretty. I like that.
-for the rest, pretty laid back, lol

~~By BE

This is fairly normal for a dislikes list(Hahaha, I just used that word normal for something in SL,,Am taking my temperature as we speak). Many of these complaints would be on my list. The 'Lighthouse Facelight Effect' always irks me. I set things to Midnight  because I like it; then someone walks in and BAM, dawn is here. The 'Wanna F$$k' guys running around with their worthless appendages swaying in the breeze and calling me 'Hun' will always allow me to test my Mystitool Offensive Capabilities. At least talk to me for awhile and maybe buy me a virtual drink or virtual dinner before whipping it out.

Last weekend I went to a show and was standing next to a guy that was gigantic. My avatar is tall; I am 5'10" in Real Life, so that is why. This guy was unbelievable. If I wanted to date an Ogre size person I would search the woods for Shrek.

Tomorrow,,this same girls Likes List.

Love ya,

PS.....Soon I will start giving information out about Relay For Life in Second Life and particular my team,,The Cure Chasers.

Also,,I joined a Women's Roller Derby  team yesterday,,The POISON IVY Roller Derby Team,, Maybe Gillian's Island will Blog about that outfit when it comes out,,LOL!

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  1. You make sure to let me know when you will be roller derbying in that outfit and I will come over with camera a'blazing! :)