Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I Like!!

The 'Things I Like List' differs from the 'Thigns I Do Not List' in many ways. Two reasons are evident for this fact; 1. Second Life dislikes seem to be pandemic when Inworld, and 2. Because everyone is different their likes vary as much as their personalities vary. I have never put any of these types of lists in my profile but believe me I have both very strong Likes and Dislikes in Second Life.

Things I Like:
-Well built sims, challenging environments, nice clothes and avatars that have been taken care of.
-Creating weird buildings or strange environments, this is sl, so anything goes and everything is possible.
-Girls with glasses
-Changing styles and shapes, so don't get confused and yes, just like everybody else, I like shopping too (a lot)
-Famous for making random remarks in local chat. -Not that I don't like slex, but the chances of me having random slex with you are very slim or you must be very special.
-All the naughty groups are hidden, so that you know
-There are probably a thousand things I did not mention here, guess you have to find out them for yourself

This is a fairly typical list. Notice that it is shorter than her Dislikes list. People tend to want you to know what they dislike up front. What they like is a discovery process that makes life on any level fun and exciting.

As to the list; one like jumps out at me as one I really really really love.
-Girls with glasses

OMG!! YES!!!!!

One more insight into how Night's mind works.

And finally something that I found funny. I love these types of quips.

"Ever noticed how all Female problems begin with men?
MENtal illness ... MENstrual cramps ...
MENtal breakdown ... MENopause ...
GUYnocologist.....MENace.." and when we have
real trouble, it’s a ..........HISterectomy......

I love being a woman!!


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  1. Agree with some of likes and dislikes I should add some at your list:

    a) Guys who send friendship request and you dont even know them.
    b) Guys who say 'babes you look so hot' as if those words could be a course.
    c) People who say 'if you are not genuine or you are not a nice person...' so i expect they the greatest people in the world.
    d) Guys who wear only pants .. 'oh yeah I love your torso' prrrffftt.

    a) People who think little details show more than only words.
    b) Creative people
    c) Your friend who says 'you are wrong'.