Monday, January 3, 2011

My Computers Went Down!!

Happy New Year To Me!! And for the New Year here is a virus to get you started. It's all cleaned up now and I am back in business. But I have not had time to think about today's blog. So I will give you Chapter 2 of Nights Dance To Day; a week early.

Chapter 2

Getting the 63 mile ride into Grand Forks, North Dakota took some begging, gas money and $40 pocket money but the old man at the wheel, told interesting stories and didn't mind beer cans thrown into the bed of his pickup. Dropped off at the Grand Forks train station at 11pm left plenty of time for some food and a few drinks before boarding for the long trip.

No flying for this guy. Damn things could fall out of the air at anytime. Mister irrational would rather have a train derail than fall out of the sky in a damned airplane.

So it was going to be The Empire Builder, for 15 hours, to Chicago, then another 20 hours on the Lake Shore Limited to New York's Penn Station. $648 in his pocket and still pissed that it took nearly one third of all the money he had to buy the damned ticket. He boarded the train with an attitude that would scare off anyone that came near him on the trip. Thirty five hours; plenty of time to figure out what he would say to his brother when he was picked up for the ride into Brooklyn.

After boarding and settling into a coach seat; who needed to be comfortable in a sleeping car when money could be better spent on beer. Maybe he could sleep. He needed it badly.

Have at it kiddies!!!


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