Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Frustration, Screaming And the Computer Guy Hates ME!!

Since my graphics card will only let me get to the internet and has locked me out of Second Life; I decided to use todays installment to clean up my Perving Folder.

But before I do that; let me send out some thank yous.  I am sure to everyones surprise, especially mine, Profile Perving is now being read by people in 14 countries. AMAZING!!!

The blog has had 650 hits in just 6 weeks, That is way beyond any expection I even imagined. Thank You all so much. You have no idea how good it feels to have something I have written be received so well. THANK YOU!!

Since I can not get into Second life to actually look at my Perving Folder; I am trying to rememebr that last quote I had left in it. I will do my best to try and get it correct.

It is true that God made man first,,,Of course he had to make a prototype before making the perfect woman.

I love when a quote rings so true. I am imagining First Man, wandering around, hair all eskew, one eye lower than the other and topped with a unibrow, stubby fingers on fat hands, skinny legs with bolbous feet, a pot belly and hair every where.

Now along comes first woman. Long silky hair, a cute face with every thing in the right places, perky boobs with nicely shaped nipples(not to big,,just right), a flat stomach sloping down to beautifilly shaed hips that are sitting on top of long shapely legs with dainty feet. She has hair only where hair belongs. A smile that charms even God herself.

Now!! Imagine her first glimpse of First Man. I see it so clearly. First Woman utters these immortl words.

God says, "This is First Man,,your partner here in the Garden of Eden."
First woman looks at God with a questioning look and says, "God! I am a Lesbian!"

And that is the true story of how MY TEAM recruited its first player.

Remember!! I am always right!!

Love ya,

PS.... Hopefully I will be back to myself  tomorrow.  I wonder what First Womans phone number is?

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