Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It All Started With A Quip About God!!

A boy writes a letter to God. "Dear God, why do you let bad things happen in our schools?" God replied "Dear Son, I'm not allowed in your schools."

From the mouth of babes comes common sense for a civilization. This was written as a joke. It is not  really funny in any way. But it is full of truth.

The history of every nation is written in the culture that they develop. That culture, no matter where on the earth it is found, is always made up of social, governmental and religious components. All three are necessary in order for a culture to survive in a healthy manner. Somehow a madness came over the world and the religious component was diminished.

In an attempt to be politically correct and please the minority of our citizens; we have thrown God out of our institutions. We let a few malcontents tell us that it is not Christmas, or Hanukkah , or Ramadan. It is just a holiday season. They take away a cornerstone of our culture. How did they do it right under our noses? Easily answered!!!

We Let Them!!! We stood by and let them hand us a line of bull and we swallowed it and went away thinking we were better for it. Then we sat back and wondered; Why is there violence in schools? Why is there so much wrong with society? Who is to blame for this we ask?

Kiddies, we are to blame! You can listen to people blame the guns, or poverty, or any number of societal malady's. But when cultures had a strong religious component; life had more value. A life filled with decent values is a life well lived. 

Never take a LIFE  for granted. Hold each LIFE close to you because you might wake up one day and realise that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.

A  culture is first developed within ourselves. Then it is spread to others. We need to regain our feeling of self worth. We need to put value back in our lives. Start the journey today to accomplish this task. You may not get there in your life time or even that of your children. But surely we owe an attempt at getting back on the right track to our decedents.

Yes it started with a joke. But every joke has at least a glimmer of truth in it. Why are we laughing?

Wisdom comes from good judgement,
Good judgement comes from experience,
Experience comes from bad judgement.

It´s going to be a very long journey......


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