Thursday, July 10, 2014

When Your Done Washing The Duck Check To See If Someone Is Eating In The Bathroom

'When Your Done Washing The Duck Check To See If Someone Is Eating In The Bathroom'. As ridiculous as that sounds it is a perfect metaphor for what we are doing about 'illegal immagration' in this country.

Believe me I learned the enormous draw our country has from my immigrant grandparents. The hope of improving the quality of life for your family made people cross dangerous oceans in the past and now it makes people wander through the dangers, both human and environ, of desolate lands to reach what they hope is a brighter future.

We are all sitting by while our elected representatives and President Obama 'wash the duck' and do nothing to stop the flow of those 'eating in our bathrooms'. Playing 'politics' has become the norm in Washington, DC but in this case they are playing politics with our and the illegal immigrants lives.

While I understand the desire to come to the USA, the strain, that this unrelenting flow of people in need, puts on our resources is devastating to those who are already here legally. As much as I would love us to be able to help the entire world that task is impossible for any one country no matter how well off that country might be.

Our immigration system is broken and those elected to represent us need to find the answers together; political party be damned. Instead we live in a world where our President will not look illegal immigrants in the eye and Congress hides behind their desks arguing with each other; or worse doing nothing.

Maybe I am nostalgic for the immigration process my grandfather educated me about when I was young. He would take me to the Statue of Liberty, with a packed lunch, and he would talk about coming to this country. How he got here, why he came and what it meant to live here. Things, I am sure, grandfathers are telling their grandchildren to this day.

So, in my grandfathers memory, I implore those responsible to get off their collective dead asses and find solutions to what is quickly becoming our biggest problem. If you can not do that then get out of the way and let others give it a try.


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