Friday, May 2, 2014

They Grow Up Way To Fast

I have been concerned about Felix the Sock Monkey's behavior over the past week. He has been sneaking out of the house about 3am and not returning until around 7am. No explanation about the nocturnal escapades and even when I asked him to stop he sort of gave me that look teenagers give their parents that translates to, "You do not know anything". I have been more than a bit worried.

So last night I waited for him to sneak out and followed him. He went 4 houses down the block and went to the back of the house. I peaked in the backyard and found him snuggled up with a female sock monkey named Babbette. I had seen her around the neighborhood. She was older and more experienced.

I was no sure whether to act like a proud dad or concerned because I had not had the 'TALK' with Felix yet. I leaned toward concerned.
At breakfast this morning I decided that I needed to have the 'talk' as soon as soon as possible so I pulled Felix aside and had that talk.
Using illustrations from the Sock Monkey Kama Sutra I covered as much as possible until his head was swimming in information. Then I sent him off to think about all we had talked about.

I hope he learned something. I gave him some protection and lent him the car for a date tonight. 



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