Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On The Eighth Day God Made Walmart

"When your dead you don't know your dead. The same is true for stupid people", Washedup Sideways.

Yes on the eighth day(back in pre biblical times there were 8 days in a week but the eighth day was dropped so God could deny that he had made stupid people) God made Walmart so stupid people had a place to hang out. Walmart is like the Serengeti of grazing stupid people. It is also a place where I can go study the species 'Stupido Sapian'. It's a fun study. Especially on Saturday night when stupidity is out in force.

Mark Twain was so right. A political discussion with a stupid person is a fruitless exercise in futility that will crush your brain cells and have them waving a white flag while begging for mercy from an infestation of fact less, baseless and idiotic statements.

I define a stupid person as one that is ill informed or acts in a manner that is so unconventional that it goes against the grain of reasonable thought. It has nothing to do with intelligence. In my mind there is no correlation between lack of intelligence and stupidity. A person who lacks a quality education can make up their deficits with good solid common sense. Conversely an intelligent person, who lacks a grasp of common sense, can look foolish at times. Actually I have fallen into this category.

But there is that segment of every population that acts outside of the norm not to be a trend setter but rather a nuisance. As Washedup Sideways said, many stupid people wander about clueless to their state of stupidity. We have raised a generation who believe that John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are serious journalists and not comedians. Even when you point out that their shows appear on The Comedy Channel they still hold them up as journalists.

I have seen fights in Walmart over Black Friday sales, people show up in their pajamas to shop and twenty people pile out of a van do do the weekly grocery shopping with one shopping cart. I have seen states of dress that astound me. Behavior of both adults and children that is outrageous. Last week I heard two members of the Stupido Sapians species discussing how almond were squeezed to make milk. I was waiting for one of them to ask, 'How do they milk a soy bean?'.

I know I find my entertainment in strange ways but just think; watching this behavior is free and there are always snacks available.

When I go to Walmart I always see the woman on the left when I really want to see the one on the right. I had no idea they made fishnet body suits, lol.


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