Thursday, March 6, 2014

House~Needs Work~Infested With Zombies

According to some people my housing search may soon be over. The 'Zombie Appocolypse' will free up a lot of houses and they will be rent free for those willing to clear them of zombies. I have been preparing for this for many years and it could not come at a better time as I am currently looking for a new home.

My plan is to find a small house for me and a few select friends and fortify it. Since I can not live without electricity so I thought something like this.

As the zombies surround the house they will step on these treadmills and begin turning them. I can use the energy they create for hot water, lights and cooking. It's freaking genius and it is rent and bill free.

I have already started shifting my available funds to converting my car into an effective weapon for grocery trips and sightseeing.

For entertainment we can sit on the roof and pick off zombies with rifles like we were playing a video game.


I have begun listening to a lot of music by these guys to prepare myself for the Post Zombie Apocalypse Music Reformation.

All I need now is a few good friends to share this little paradise. They have to be people that are willing to work, love board games so we can entertain ourselves and be OK with lots of blood in the yard.

I would prefer roommates with IQ's below 130. At that level they will have the ability to survive but will brains that will not be so attractive to zombies.

Life is finally starting to make sense. These past few years have prepared me for this life.

Roommate applications can be obtained by leaving a message at this blog or by sending me an instant message in Second Life. Wait!!  It may be better if you send a note card as I am sure there will be a rush of interested people and my IM's will be capped.


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