Friday, January 24, 2014

A Traitor Has Come Into My Life

Treachery so deep it pains me to talk about it and it exists within my own household. I live in a suburb that borders farms. We always have field mice running around. On occasion they find their way into the house and have to be dislodged before they establish a home.

It is usually an easy job to rid the house of them but if they have help that job becomes much harder. I have captured two infiltrating field mice in my house in the past month. Enter my traitorous cat. Last night, being concerned about him being outside in the cold I went out to call him into the house.

I found him in deep conference with a field mouse.

The traitorous little bastard!!
It's no wonder he wanted me to support a ban on the use of chemical weapons. He was protecting his allies from my liberal use of rat poison.
Oh he is so loving when he wants his food bowl filled but once its full he starts to wander the house mapping out ways to let his little sneaky friends into the house. What I mistook for normal cat curiosity was really and act of war.
I should change his name from Tigger to Benedict Arnold.
I have built up my defences and am keeping them secret so my little in house traitor can not leak them.
I blame these guys for starting a trend of 'cat and mouse cooperation';

Why didn't I see this coming? I watched these guys for hours as a kid. Shame on me.

Personally this is the only cat I am petting with from now on,
Now that's an ally, lol.


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