Friday, December 20, 2013

Florida~~Fantasy Land Indeed

I love Florida!! From its amusement parks to its beaches there is always something going on. My last trip to Key West was epic. What I can remember of it as I was still drinking in those days, lol.

Every state has its quirks and strange goings on but Florida seems to lead the pack in 2013 strangeness. Maybe it's the diverse population or the climate but Florida seems to produce strange stories that are better than most.

Like this story about the invention of the virtual prostate exam.

It is a tool for doctors to practice giving prostate examinations. But this picture is just so wrong on so may levels, lol. I hope that they find a way I can send a robot in for my yearly exam. Prostate exams are high on my list of things that I find outside the realm of enjoyable.

 Church By The Sea in Madeira Beach or better known as the Chicken Church because of its resemblance to a chicken.


The Mother/daughter porn team that are now looking for a Father/Son porn team to join them. Florida is a family oriented state.


The 'Skunk Ape', Florida's version of Bigfoot. He is hard to see in this picture but I suspect he is hairy and wearing Mickey Mouse ears.


The dog that accidentally shot his owner with a .380 pistol when she knocked it off a table and it discharged. The dog seems happy. The owner not so much.

And finally something I bet you have never seen before.


The Violent Naked Pooping Masturbator
Yeppers you read that correctly. And I quote, "This is a contender for Florida story of the decade. As we all know, in Florida there are violent people, naked people, poopers, and masturbators -- but rarely is one man the total package. Gregory Bruni is allegedly that package. He reportedly started on the roof of a North Fort Myers home, then defecated and masturbated inside. He was naked. Then, he pulled a big-screen TV off the wall, rubbed some of the family's clothes on his face, and avoided gunfire before police arrived."
Only in the 'Most Magical State' can we find something like this.

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