Monday, November 18, 2013

The Washing Machine Philosophy

Lets start the week off with a joke.

A husband and wife, with three children, used the term 'lets washing machine' for them having sex so their children did not understand what they were talking about.

For the past week the husband had asked repeatedly, "Honey lets washing machine tonight". He was told that she was not in the mood five days in a row.

The wife, seeing her husbands growing frustration, finally said  "Honey lets washing machine tonight".

His reply, "No need, it was a light load so I did it by hand".

I think the moral of this story is to stay the hell out of these peoples laundry room, lol.

Life can be just like a washing machine. It flows through cycles.

'Pre soak' is like the first dates. Feeling each other out. Seeing if there is enough of an attraction to move the wash load along.

The 'soak cycle' is the one where men and women reside when they are deciding whether 'he or she' is the one.

The 'wash cycle' is like living life together. Things always changing and people adapt to their situation. I think a happy relationship stays in this cycle. Couples that adjust to life's changes favorably never have to move on; they just stay here and work out the stains and dirt of life rubbing up against each other happily.

The 'rinse cycle' happens when couples start to fall out of love and  life together starts to fall apart. All the good in the relationship starts to dissolve in a constant flow of mixed emotions.

When a relationship leaves the washer and get put into the dryer lawyers make money and hearts crack.

Hows that for home spun philosophy from a man who has been in the dryer many times, lol.


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